Friday, July 29, 2016

Whose Being Evicted in San Francisco?

The Anti-Eviction Project has created a lot of interesting maps around the issue of housing in San Francisco. For their latest map the Anti-Eviction Project has teamed up with Carto to visualize eviction rates in the city by neighborhood, demographic segment and median rent.

The Evictions by Demographic Segment map shows a choropleth view of the number of evictions in San Francisco by area. However, by using census data from the American Community Survey, the map can also show you demographic information about each neighborhood. Using the two sets of data together it is possible to get a good idea of where people are being evicted and why.

Using the filter controls in the map sidebar you can view the number of evictions by demographic segment. The most evictions in 2015 took place in areas of 'high rise, dense urbanites'. You can also use the median rent filter to view evictions by rental cost. This shows that there is a higher rate of evictions where rents are high. In other words in San Francisco there is a strong trend by landlords to evict people in areas with wealthy residents and high rental returns.

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