Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Eugenics Map of the World

During the 20th Century many countries around the world adopted policies, influenced by the ideas of eugenics. The general purpose of these eugenic policies was meant to improve the genetic stock of each country's 'superior' population. Most people are probably aware of the eugenic policies of the Nazi government in Germany. Less well known are the eugenic beliefs of other world leaders, such as Winston Churchill, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt.

You can learn more about how eugenics has influenced the policies of countries around the world with the Eugenics Archives World Map. The Eugenics Archive has been created by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, in order to explore the history of eugenics and the contemporary significance of that history.

Using the World Map you can select different countries on a 3d globe to learn more about how the ideas of eugenics has influenced different governments and their policies. For example in the USA between 1907 and 1937 thirty-two states "authorized health and public authorities to sterilize those deemed unfit, degenerate, or mentally deficient".

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