Friday, July 15, 2016

London at Night

A few days ago I was admiring NASA's amazing Paris at Night satellite image and hoping that someone would make an interactive map from the picture. I can't actually link to a map of Paris at Night yet but I can go one better with a map of London at Night.

This aerial view of London at night is not better because it is London but because it is actually a higher resolution image than the Paris by Night image. Emu Analytic's Night and Day in London is an interactive map of London using aerial photography from the Environment Agency and, because the imagery was captured from aircraft rather than from space, it shows much more detail on the ground.

The Night and Day in London map allows you to swipe between the Environment Agency's night view of London and Here Map's day time aerial imagery of the city. This allows you to easily find your favorite locations in London on the day time map and then swipe to examine how they look at night. The night time map is detailed enough to be able to pick out individual landmarks such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral.

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