Monday, July 04, 2016

Closing the Metro Map

Yesterday Madrid closed part of Line 1 of the Metro de Madrid. Between now and mid-November, 23 stations will be out of action as the oldest line on the metro is modernized. The Closure of Line 1 examines the affect of the closure on passengers, their alternative means of transport and the modernization work schedule.

The Closure of Line 1 includes two interactive maps. The first map in the article shows the number of people who live within a ten minute walk of each station and the average number of daily passengers at each station. The second map uses a Voronoi overlay to divide Madrid into regions based on the nearest Metro station. Each section is also colored to show the average distance to the station for passengers living in that area of Madrid.

As well as the two interactive maps The Closure of Line 1 includes two animated aerial maps showing the effect that extending Line 1 has had on two districts of the city. These maps show a series of animated aerial views taken after the new sections of the line were open. These aerial images show the development of the areas after the opening of the metro stations.

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