Thursday, July 21, 2016

US Training of Foreign Armies

The Intercept has been investigating how every year the United States trains around 200,000 members of foreign police forces and armies around the world. Using data from diplomatic cables that were released by WikiLeaks the Intercept has examined where and how U.S. defense agencies, civilian agencies, armed forces colleges, defense training centers, military units, private companies, and NGOs have been involved in training police forces and armies from more than 120 countries.

The Network investigation is accompanied by an interactive map which shows the training links between U.S. agencies and foreign forces. The map does a really good job of illustrating the huge scale and range of this U.S. training. However, because of the huge amount of data on the map, it is a little difficult to pick out and explore the individual training connections displayed on the map.

The map is crying out for some filtering options which would allow you to explore the data a little more effectively. For example a country filter would help to give a better overview of the training of the police and armed forces of individual countries.

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