Monday, July 04, 2016

The Complete Map of Life

Lifemap is an interactive map which allows you to explore the tree of life. Using the map you can explore the taxonomic classification of over 800,000 different species.

The map works like other interactive maps - as you zoom in on the map more detail is revealed. With Lifemap this means that as you zoom in on a taxa the groups within that classification are revealed. In this way you can carry on zooming into the map and the tree of life until individual species are revealed.

Each node in Lifemap is clickable. As you zoom into the different taxonomic groups on the map you can click on a node to read its definition and to learn more about the taxa on Wikipedia.

The 'pro' version of Lifemap, provides an exhaustive National Center for Biotechnology Information taxonomy (more than 1.1 million taxa) and links to the NCBI webpage for each taxa.

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