Friday, March 20, 2009

Dutch Website Using Street View

Yesterday I had a quick look at some of the UK websites that have quickly added the new Street View imagery to their masp. Today it is the turn of the Dutch.

I Amsterdam

The official Amsterdam tourist website has added the option to view Street View imagery on their Explore the City Google Map. At the moment they have only added a few map markers to the map, which you can click to view the Street View at that spot. I assume they will eventually add a layer so that it is possible to see the Street View for the whole city.


Dutch real estate website Funda has added Street View to its Google Maps in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Groningen. Funda's Google Maps are very professionally designed, with custom map markers and clustering of markers. The addition of Street View to the maps should make Funda the number one destination for anyone looking for a house in the Netherlands.

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