Monday, March 23, 2009

Dutch Street View Gallery

Streetview Nederland

Sticking with our recent Google Maps Street View obsession, here is a new Dutch website dedicated to mapping the best Street View images captured by the Google Street View car as it travelled around the Netherlands last summer. The views are organised by category and the categories include 'cars', 'funny', 'animals' and 'buildings'.

Streetview Nederland is unique amongst the Street View gallery sites that I have seen in that, as well as organising the Street Views by category, it is also possible to browse the views by Google Map. So if you live in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Groningen you can zoom in on your house and search through the submitted views nearest you.

All the Street Views open in the Google Maps information windows. Under the view are two buttons which you can use to either vote up or vote down the featured view.

Via: Mapperz

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Anonymous said...

Any idea how the Dutch are reacting to Street View? Are they fussing over it as much as the British are?