Monday, March 16, 2009

Google Maps for Your Mobile

Locle is a free mobile phone application that maps your friends – without the need for GPS. Locle Mini is available for Java Mobile, Windows Mobile, Symbian, UIQ, Blackberry, iPhone and PalmOS phones. If your phone does not support Locle Mini, you can always update your location manually on the Locle mobile website at

Ineedabike is a really useful French mobile application that will help you find a Velib bike in Paris, Lyon or Marseilles from your phone. To find a bike you just enter your current location and the application will show you the nearest available bike on a Google Map. This service comes from gmapify and the application is available for Smartphones.

DubMeNow is a service that provides a virtual business card for your mobile phone. The service allows you to swap your details with anyone who has a mobile phone. As well as your name, address and business details the application can show you where you were when you first connected with someone.

Thanks to Google Maps and GPS, DUB visually maps your contact's address and where you met!

This application for the iPhone can show you how far you have run, walked or ridden. Track your speed and elevation, record and map your routes using GPS. It overlays your run on Google Maps and there is a graph below the map displaying the speed vs elevation.

Coffee Buzz
This application, also for the iPhone, shows a map of nearby Twitter users who are drinking a cup of coffee. Tapping on someone’s name will show you what they’re drinking and where they’re drinking it. Some awesome Google Maps integration will bring up the contact information and address.

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Anonymous said...

And here is a tutorial for Google Maps made in paper :)
Pretty sure you'll like it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. We're excited to see so many people using DUB and the Google Maps feature. You can sign up at and send an invite to Chris to connect with me. Thanks!

Chris Hopkinson