Friday, March 20, 2009

Google Maps Friday Fun

Here's Wally

Google Sightseeing seem to have been the first to find Wally. Yesterday Google announced that they had hidden Wally somewhere in the Street View coverage of the UK and Google Sightseeing have found him in Putney High Street of all places.

Kamikaze Flying Shark

Last summer Oxford in the UK was attacked by kamikaze flying shark who terrorised the city by dive-bombing the homes of innocent citizens. When I tried to warn the world no-one would listen. Luckily for me Google Street View now has photographic evidence!

Canadian Street View

Any impatient Canadians who are fed up that Canada was once again overlooked in this week's Google Maps Street View update can take heart from the fact that MapJack have released their version of Street View for the country.

The service is very similar to Google Street View. Users navigate around a Google Map and move from one interactive 360 panoramic photograph to the next in a large sequence. The imagery is available on the Canpages website and the cities covered are Vancouver, Whistler and Squamish in British Columbia.

Via: Mapperz

Google Maps Related Crime Doesn't Pay
A thief in the UK used Google Earth to search the roofs of churches and schools to find lead roof tiles that he could then steal. A friend of the thief said, "He could tell the lead roofs apart on Google Earth, as they were slightly darker than normal."

The thief was sentenced to an eight-month suspended jail sentence and 100 hours of community service.

Via: Cnet


This German language quiz is good fun. There are ten locations that you must try and identify on a Google Map (satellite view only). To play click on the map and then click on the name of the town you are guessing.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Street View has got the Oxford shark (I believe it is a Swordfish). I see it every Saturday morning from Starbucks window in Headington, Oxford.