Saturday, March 21, 2009

Street View Added to ParkatmyHouse, the UK's largest on-line parking space marketplace has implemented Street View technology to allow drivers to view a parking space before they rent it. enables home and business owners to rent out their unused parking spaces to drivers that need somewhere to park. say that some parking space owners are regularly earning £100 - £200 per month. To view the Street View of a parking space just press the tab above the Google Map showing the space's location.

Here is an example of a parking space, with the option to see it in Street View, near St Pancras, London.

Other UK Sites Using Street View
  • Find A Property -Real estate site that includes a link to properties in Street View
  • Entcal - live events directory with Street Views of venues
  • Tate Gallery Mapplet - The Tate have used Street View to help explore locations depicted in a special selection of their artworks
  • UK Street View Gallery - Some of the UK's top tourist attractions, as seen in Street View

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Anonymous said... have also integrated Google Street View into their Area Guide pages for areas covered by Street View, for instance Manchester (

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