Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get A Free Bottle of SoBe

SoBe Lifewater Map

Today you can get a free bottle of SoBe Lifewater from participating stores. SoBe Lifewater is "a naturally sweetened, full-flavored drink (with) zero calories per serving." To help you get a free bottle Sobe have produced a Google Map of stores throughout the US participating in the scheme.

When you find the nearest map marker to your location you can open the information window to get the store's name and address and you can even get driving directions.

There is also an integrated Facebook application. The application includes the Google Map of participating stores as well as photogrpahs, discussion and a wall.



Metro Mapper said...

Has anyone else noticed that they have had the "API key is not for this site" javascript error message all day? I haven't been able to view the map yet.

Metro Mapper said...

Nevermind, it just started working. They had API key ABQIAAAAz0sR48ojMV8CnZ3sDpNmvhTPLIeDMPt52JaicdBsxann7nVH6xT91f7R7IzXsFdc22i8UEILxoXsIw when they should have had ABQIAAAAJCyM9hbHnvMt9TGG7Yi2ExTPLIeDMPt52JaicdBsxann7nVH6xRHUJbki9E4QRSnLjSCI1n1qm3P4Q

Joel Gillman said...

I like that getting driving directions doesn't take you to a new page, it just adds it to the current page.