Monday, March 23, 2009

Google Map of Mount Redoubt Eruption

Mount Redoubt in the Google Earth Plugin

According to the Alaska Volcano Observatory Mt. Redoubt volcano erupted late Monday and early Tuesday in "four large explosions," sending an ash plume an estimated 9 miles into the air.

When you want to view large geological features like mountains and volcanoes the Google Earth browser plug-in really comes into its own. I quickly created this plug-in map this morning which lets you explore the Mount Redoubt in 3D. I have also marked some of the towns to the north east of the volcano, where the National Weather Service has issued an ash fall warning.

World Volcano Browser
A Google Map showing over 1550 volcanoes around the world. It is also possible to view the latest earthquake reports from USGS on the map. To view Mount Redoubt zoom into the area to the west of Anchorage and press the 'Load all in view' button.



Ben2K said...

If there is a map of Mt. Redoubt at the link, I don't see it! Just an video and an ad for Google Earth.

Would be nice if there was a mashup showing the ashfall footprint.

Keir Clarke said...

To view the map you need to have installed the Google Earth plug-in. If you haven't installed the plug-in you should see a big question asking if you wish to install it.