Tuesday, March 24, 2009

US Google Maps Mashup Round-Up (3/09)


EDUPursuit is a very useful Google Map that lets you search for prospective colleges within a defined distance of any zip code. The database contains over four thousand colleges and universities nationwide.

To search the database users enter their zip code, a distance within which they wish to search, whether they want private, public (or both), whether they want rural, town or suburb (or any) and the size of institution they would like. The results are then shown on a Google Map. This is an invaluable tool for anyone currently searching for a university.


PadMapper is a full-screen Google Map mashup of Craiglist apartment rentals. It is possible to filter the results by price, number of bedrooms / bathrooms and by keyword. The resulting apartments are then shown on the map.


This Google Map uses 'Park Deficit Analysis' to calculate the number of publicly accessible park and open space acres per 1,000 people within each U.S. Census block group in California.

It is possible to search the map by address. A heat map of the location is then produced showing public parks and the number of acres of parkland per 1,000 residents. It is also possible to view local points of interest, such as libraries, gyms and restaurants.

The Angler's Atlas
The Angler's Atlas has produced Google Maps of fishing spots in each of the states. Zooming in on an area will load the lake markers. If you click on a map marker an information window opens with a link to that lake's page on Angler's Atlas.

Conner Outdoors Directory of Hunting
This is a map of Hunting Outfitters. The map is very easy to search. Users select their state and then define the type of game they are interested in and the relevant results are loaded onto a Google Map.

This website lets you search an area for restaurants. It is possible to refine the search by type of cuisine you are interested in. From the individual results if you click on the 'driving directions' option a Google Map loads that lets you get directions to the restaurant from any starting point.

Handymanweb is a map that shows local computer wizards, gardeners, cleaning ladies, builders, plumbers etc. Zoom in on the map and the local handymen for that area are loaded onto the map.

Wilmington MPO
Annual traffic counts in Wilmington are shown on this Google Map. An average of three weekday traffic counts are shown. The WMPO uses tube counters, which use air pressure within a rubber tube to activate a counter box placed by the edge of the roadway. The average data from that count is then shown on the map.


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