Monday, March 09, 2009

Real Time Bus Information for Seattle

One Bus Away

This Google Maps mashup allows anyone to get real-time arrival information for every bus stop in the Metro KC Transit system. It is possible to search the map by address, route, or stop number.

If you search for a specific route the route is shown on a Google Map with every single stop on the route shown. Clicking on a bus stop marker opens an information window showing all the routes that stop there and also includes a link to get real-time arrival information informing you about how many minutes until the next bus.

It is also possible to just zoom into an area of Seattle and click 'search for stops in this area' to be shown all the bus stops in a neighborhood. Then if you click on any of the stops you can find out how many minutes you will have to wait until the next bus.

Of course what you really need, if you are regular bus traveller, is mobile phone access to this information. One Bus Away has that as well in the form of a SMS interface and an iPhone-optimized webpage.

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The Tufts Joey Tracker has a mobile version at