Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Google Map of Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800 Crash Map

CNN have produced a map showing the location of Boeing 737-800 crashes. The recent Amsterdam plane crash that killed five Turks and four Americans was a Boeing 737. The 737 has been in production since 67 and since its introduction in 1994 the 800 model has been involved in three fatal crashes and a number of other incidents. This CNN map shows the location of them all.

One really interesting feature of the CNN Google Map is that there is automatic zooming on the map markers. When a user clicks on a map marker the map zooms into a close up satellite view of the crash site. When the user closes the information window the map zooms out to a world view again.

Last month CNN used Google Earth to create a video of the crash of flight 3407 into a house in Buffalo. This followed my own Google Earth Browser Simulation of the crash of flight 1549 into the Hudson river and the even more amazing Google Earth re-enactment with the pilot's audio by Jeral Poskey.

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Anonymous said...

You said "This CNN map shows the location of them all."
No, they just add the name of the big town near the crashes locations.
Even for the Pennsylvania crash. If you enter "Pennsylvania" in GoogleMaps, you get the same default location. More than 42 miles away from the real point. (STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA 16803 UNIVERSITY PARK AIRPORT)

Why using very accurate tool for very approximate information ?

CNN and strange geography :