Thursday, March 19, 2009

Google Map of AIG Campaign Contributions

AIG Campaign Contributions
This map from Mibazaar shows the top 100 recipients of campaign contributions from the American insurance company AIG (number 1 is Barack Obama). Despite having to be bailed out by the government the company has paid out about $165 million as bonuses to its executives.

The top 100 recipients are listed in the map sidebar. Opening up an information window reveals the levels of support the politician received from the insurance company.

Twitter Map of the AIG Outrage
Mibazaar has also produced this Google Maps mashup with Twitter to show what the American people think about the payment of bonuses to AIG (they don't seem to like it).

The latest Tweets mentioning AIG are shown in the map sidebar and tagged on the map at the location of the Twitter member. The messages are divided into two. At the top right of the map are buttons to view Tweets from the Eastern US and the Western US.


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