Friday, March 27, 2009

Google Maps Friday Fun

The story of the 18-year-old who painted a 60 foot penis on the roof of his parents' house for the benefit of Google Maps has been picked up by most of the world's media. The story even seems to have created a new verb - 'Dicktopping'.

Dicktopping (verb) - 1. to paint a penis on top of a house or car roof for the benefit of Google Maps.

Google Sightseeing have been documenting the trend for a while.

Street View Time-lapse
Flickr user JoeLaz has created this very cool Street View time-lapse movie of the drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.

How Norwegians View the Rest of Europe

This map was produced by a Norwegian newspaper to expose the stereotypical views Norwegians hold about other Europeans. The idea behind the campaign is that if you buy the newspaper you will get a more balanced view of Europe.

Despite being in Norwegian most of the stereotypes are easy to understand.


Cool Textures from Google Maps

Website Upsidestudio this week posted an article about some cool patterns that they had found whilst browsing Google Maps. It is a nice collection of pretty satellite views.

Street View of the Week

The rising levels of illiteracy in the UK never fails to surprise me.

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