Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Westminster Bridge on Street View

The View from Westminster Bridge

To celebrate the release of Street View in the UK I quickly threw together this tour of the views from Westminster Bridge.

Using the buttons below the Street View it is possible to pan around and view the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and County Hall. Hopefully this is the first of many mashups featuring Street View in the UK.

Drive Through Bristol

Seconds after posting the above I found this Street View drive through Bristol created by Mapperz. The mashup adds Street View to Google Driving Directions so you can visualise the route before setting out in your car. I haven't played the route all the way through but I'm hoping there is a view of the Clifton Bridge somewhere on the drive.


1 comment:

Mapperz said...

Look Left before you start driving.... Clifton Suspension Bridge is there.

StreetView UK is also available on mobile devices
[network charges apply - use wifi!]