Friday, March 06, 2009

Google Maps Friday Fun

She Went of Her Own Accord
I have a new favourite Google Map mashup. It is a map of really bad place name puns, e.g.
  • My wife's gone to the Caribbean.
  • Jamaica?
  • No, she went of her own accord.
I have just one suggestion for the creators of this map - use the new PopupMarker utility library for the map markers.

Real Time Alien Mapping

A nice Google Map showing live updates from the Mutual UFO Network. It is also possible to view the map for historical events.

If you haven't checked out our gallery of UFO's on Street View then you really should.

24 Hours of US Flights

Artist Aaron Koblin created this Google Map representing air traffic across the United States over a 24-hour period. The map displays the flight paths for more than 205,000 aircraft on August 12, 2008. This project was a collaboration between Aaron Koblin, FlightView and Wired Magazine.

Via: Google Street View Gallery

Map Making Is A Highly Specialised Occupation

Map Making pre-neo geography:

I Found Myself on Google Maps

I Found Myself on Google Maps is an artwork by Oraib Toukan. The work looks at "the map as another failed image making attempt to document existence, but restricting it thereafter." If you are in London you can see Oraib tonight at the Tate Britain Gallery where he is leading a discussion with fellow artist Lamia Joriege, entitled Framing Reality.

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