Thursday, March 19, 2009

UK Websites Adding Street View

Find A Property

Unsurprisingly Real Estate websites are often the first to add Street View when it becomes available. In the UK real estate website Find A Property seem to be one of the first websites off the mark in adding Street View support for their properties for sale.

After searching for a property Find A Property now includes a link to see the building on Google Maps and the option to view it in Street View.


Entcal, the live events directory, was actually the first website I noticed to include the option to view Street Views in the UK. Last night they began to offer users the option to view Street Views of venues in their comprehensive events listings.

Entcal doesn't just add the static Street View but includes an auto-panning version of the view that automatically rotates through the whole 360 degrees.

Tate Gallery Mapplet

The Tate have used Street View to help explore locations depicted in a special selection of their artworks. The mapplet tries to show the same view as depicted in the paintings. Part of the idea behind the mapplet is to explore how urban and rural environments have changed.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kier,

Thanks for covering our use of Street View.

Amongst other website, were one of the official launch partners for Google Street View in the UK.


IPINLive said...

Great to see street view being put to good use at a retail level - not so sure about it with actual property listings though.