Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Map of Every Eurovision Song Video

Eurovision Song Contest Map

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition in which European countries try to outdo each other by producing the most toe-curling, awful song of the year. The competition was introduced after World War II so that instead of killing each other with bombs European countries could assault their neighbours with cheesy pop songs.

Soren Johannessen, of microformats.dk, decided it was unfair that only Europeans should be punished each year by the Eurovision Contest so he has produced this Google Map featuring videos of each country's entry to this year's competition.

Amongst my favourites are the Serbian entry from Don King's illigitimate son, the singing medieval knight of Bulgaria and the song by Rod Stewart's 70's haircut from Belarus. However the clear cut winner has to be the Armenian entry, which I think is called "Jumping up in a Jan Jan." I haven't stopped jumping in a Jan, Jan since I heard it.


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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I actually followed that link to listen to Jan Jan...awful