Monday, March 09, 2009

Using Street View to Provide Added Value


Drimki is a French real estate website that uses Google Maps and Street View to help sell properties in Paris. It is possible to search for properties by location, type and price and then virtually explore the properties' locations in Street View.

Thomas Laurentin, CEO of Laurentin, is obviously impressed by the added value achieved by including Street View on the site,

"Google Maps with Street View offers our users a powerful feature which adds value to real estate listings. The potential purchaser can virtually walk in the street in which he wants to buy. This information can be of crucial value to the decision process."

Since adding Google Maps with Street View Drimki users spend twice as long on the site.


Tuscany's official tourism website has introduced Street View to give its visitors the opportunity to virtually explore the historic streets of the city. There aren't many more beautiful cities in the world and Street View really helps to convey the unique wonder of this Tuscan city.

Mauro Tanzi, President of Fondazione Sisterna Toscana, says

"Google Maps and Street View are the ideal platforms to provide a virtual tour of the historical and artistic monuments and places of our cities."

Visitors who use the Street View option on the website spend on average 30% more time exploring the website.



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