Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Create Your Own Street View Plus

earthmine is a company that I've been keeping an eye on for a while. They are a street-level 3D mapping company that collect and produce Street View type panoramic images. However, whereas Street View panoramas are really just still images, earthmine panoramas are far more sophisticated and contain 3D data and GIS. This means that the images can contain interactive points of information, can include three dimensional measurements and can be used for 3d modelling.

Take a look at the video below to get a better idea of what earthmine panoramas are:

eathmine Collection and Project Partners
Yesterday, earthmine announced two new partner programs designed to support customer data collection needs.

It is possible to become either an earthmine Collection Partner or an earthmine Project Partner. The Collection Partner Program is designed for partners who wish to own and operate earthmine equipment, and the Project Partner Program is designed for companies that want to utilize the earthmine platform but need to have control over where and when data is collected.

"The data collection capability of the new hardware system will change how people think about when and where to use mobile 3D mapping,” said Anthony Fassero, co-founder and co-CEO of earthmine. “The hardware makes it possible to map entire cities and metropolitan areas in the matter of days, at a cost that makes it difficult to justify sending out ground crews. Our Collection and Project Partners are not only impressing potential customers with a much more visual product, they are able to remain competitive in the bidding process. People are naturally drawn to the panoramic imagery, but it’s the accurate 3D data and GIS connectivity that changes the customer’s thinking from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have."

Google Map API developers should also be excited that earthmine have an API program. Currently there is Beta access to the Direct Data and Flash Viewer APIs. I think it is still possible to Apply for the Beta and I think that the API program may be opened up to everyone later this year.


Anonymous said...

I know a company in The Netherlands that can produce the same kind of geospatial data and deliver sortlike services.

The company is called CycloMedia Technology.


They started 25 years ago as a spin out of the FRANK research project at The Delft University of Technology.

The company is still going strong and holds a leading position in mobile mapping and raises the bar for the next generation of pixel based 3D point cloud generation and content analysis.

Isse said...

Wow this is great stuff. Is there a way we can create something similar to this using normal digital camera's?

I'm really interested in creating one a doing a street view of my area.

Anonymous said...

Cyclomedia is not really at the tech frontline...

Yes you can build your own system... get some 4 to 10 DSLR cams with fisheyes, a computer, a GPS, an IMU, some stuff to mount the things on your car roof, a navigation book and an imageprocessing book.

Then you can have your own state-of-the-art system.