Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Google Map of Amersfoort Ever

Amersfoort 750 op de Kaart
I have been waiting for a while for someone to create a Google Map of a painting from custom tiles and to use markers to illustrate the picture. That is just one of the features of this amazing map of Amersfoort.

Here is a video of the map's use of custom tiles to illustrate a painting and a quick look at some of the other features of the map:

Amersfoort 750 from Keir Clarke on Vimeo.

The Amersfoort 750 map makes use of the collection of the town's Museum Flehite to illustrate the history of Amersfoort. The map shows the location of buildings in the town of historical interest. It is also possible to view a number of historical maps using the Google Maps interface to observe how the town has developed over the centuries.

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