Friday, March 20, 2009

Street View Musical Tour Of London

Google Maps UK increased its traffic by 41% yesterday. This was the busiest ever day for Google Maps in the UK. The US Google Maps site also received an 84% increase in visits.

The popularity of Google Maps Street View can be harnessed by other websites by using the Google Maps API. Earlier this month Google Maps Mania looked at two sites that had increased traffic by adding Street View to their Google Maps coverage in a post called Using Street View to Provide Added Value.

The New Musical Express in the UK has obviously realised the value of Street View as it has quickly produced an article looking at some of the Street Views of famous album covers.

A Musical Tour of London

The NME Street View tour takes in the famous road crossing in Abbey Road (The Beatles), as well as album covers for Oasis, Bowie, the Rolling Stones and a few others.


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