Monday, March 02, 2009

More Map Channels Mash Ups

Last week Map Channels released version 3 of its popular Google Maps creation tool. The new version comes with a number of new features, including support for other languages and extensive RSS feeds and spreadsheet support.

Here are two more maps that have been created using Map Channels:

Mashed Tickets

This Google Maps mashup presents upcoming events on a Google Map. It is possible to search the map by city name or by the name of a venue and then book tickets directly from the map.

When you click on a venue on the map the upcoming events are shown in the map sidebar. Clicking on any of the upcoming events will take you through to a page where you can purchase the ticket.

Mashed Tickets takes advantage of Map Channels clustering feature and the option to view venues in Street View or Virtual Earth's Bird's Eye view. It is also possible to turn on traffic, Wikipedia, Panoramio and Google Local Search layers.


This Danish language mashup is a good example of Map Channels support for other languages.

Soren Johannessen, the map's creator, is obviously impressed with Map Channels new features. Soren wrote the following assessment of creating a map with Map Channels.

"The first cool thing is the option for creating Clusters in version 3. The second good feature is that you can translate the user interface to your own language, in my case Danish. Lastly, is the ease with which you can customize all the feeds, like your own cluster icons, feed icons, size etc. and of course you can embed it on you own domain."

Demoklynge itself is a map of music videos shot in Copenhagen, Welfare Society buildings throughout Denmark and the latest ten reviews from


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