Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Find Bars Within 300 Metres


This Spanish language Google Map allows anyone to locate bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, clubs and theatres within a defined distance. The map is very simple to use; you just drag the map marker to your current position, choose a radius you wish to search within (300m, 600m 1km) and check the kind of establishment you want to find.

This service of course comes into its own when you are out and about and need to quickly find somewhere nearby to eat or drink. What is needed therefore is a mobile version of this application. Luckily Comilus have thought of that and they provide a version for the iPhone that uses Google Statics Maps.

Of course when you find your bar or restaurant you are going to want to tell the rest of the world where you are. Comilus has a feature that allows you to do that as well. When you click on one of the mapped markers the information window contains a link to Twitter. When you press the link you are taken to Twitter and the update box is already filled in with a message saying where you are with a link to the establishment's map and review on

Although this website is in Spanish it is so intuitive to use that it really doesn't matter if you can't speak the language.


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