Friday, March 13, 2009

Google Maps Friday Fun

Starting With the Good News
The Google Maps API is now out of 'beta'. The API has been around for more than three years now and I'm sure the developers of the 1,638 Google Maps mashups listed at Programmable Web will be delighted that Google Maps is no longer an experimental application ;).

Via: Google Geo Developers Blog: Good, beta, best Coral Reef Panorama

Amadee Coral Reef New Caledonia in New Caledonia
Interactive panoramic image website has mapped some outstanding interactive images but this one has to be one of the most jaw droppingly beautiful.

Via: boing-boing

Giant Baby Found on Google Maps

The Sun newspaper may have claimed to have found Atlantis on Google Maps but Google Sightseeing have found what is clearly the baby of a giant in Google Street View (OK it's more fuzzy than clear).

3D London Tube Map
Digital Urban have created this sumptuous 3D London Tube Map with tube lines laid out according to their geographic location.

London Tube Map Geography:Visualisation Draft from digitalurban on Vimeo.

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