Saturday, July 10, 2010

Google Maps Gets Short URL's

One of the most annoying things in Google Maps are the ridiculously long URL's you get when you click on the 'Link' option. These long URL's are particularly annoying if you wish to link to a location using Twitter. Until now if you wanted to share your location via Twitter you have been forced to run the Google Maps link through a URL shortening service.

Not any longer! Google Maps now has a short URL service. If you select the 'Short URL' option in Google Labs (the green bottle at the top of the map if you are logged into a Google account) you can now get short URL's for location links.

Once you have enabled the Short URL option whenever you click on the Google Maps 'Link' button you will be given a nice short URL instead of one those unfeasibly long ones.

Here's a link to the satellite image of the Eiffel Tower -

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