Friday, November 14, 2014

Around Norway on Video

Norwegian television channel NRK has released a video map featuring clips from the popular television programme Norge Rundt. Norge Rundt (Around Norway) has been broadcasting since 1976, featuring local stories from NRK offices around Norway.

Kart hos NRK has mapped 2,064 video clips from Norge Rundt, all of which can be watched directly from the map. The map allows Norwegians to find and watch local Norge Rundt items which have been broadcast from their area of the country.

The map uses an interesting marker clustering system which works well when just a few video clips are being mapped to the same location. However it becomes a little messy when you have a lot of videos all mapped at the same location (see screenshot above). This suggest that Kart hos NRK still has a little work to do in more accurately geo-tagging the location of some of the Norge Rundt clips.

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