Monday, November 17, 2014

Mapping New York's Traffic Accidents

Earlier this year the City of New York set a 'Vision Zero' goal, to end traffic accident deaths and injuries on the city's roads. To help achieve this aim the City released the Vision Zero consultation map which allowed New Yorkers to share their knowledge of the city streets.

This consultation period has now ended but you can still use the map to browse through the over 10,000 comments submitted by the public. The City of New York has now released a new map, Vision Zero View, which shows detailed information on traffic injury and fatality crashes within New York.

The map has two main views; a visualization of New York's traffic accidents and a visualization of the city's attempts to make the streets safer. The 'Crashes' view allows users to visualize the locations of pedestrian,cycling and car injuries and fatalities. This map view includes a timeline which allows you to filter the results shown on the map by year.

The 'Street Design' view allows users to explore some of the Vision Zero initiatives, such as arterial slow zones, speed humps and other major safety projects designed to increase traffic safety in the city of New York.

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