Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Map Paradise, Put Up a Parking Lot

You can find Paradise by the trash cans, behind a Job Centre in Manchester, Lancashire. Paradise Street might not be the Paradise that you always envisioned but it is one of the many roads and streets given that biblical name in the UK.

Welcome to Paradise is a Google Map of Paradise Roads and Paradise Streets. The Welcome to Paradise project is busy mapping all such named roads in the UK. Not only can you use the map to find the location of these streets but you can also view photos taken at the locations.

The photographs work very well to highlight the incongruous nature of many of the Paradise roads and streets, which on the whole seem to be far from the picturesque idylls that you might expect from their given names.

If you want to find  roads, streets and towns which have actually been named after you then you can use Where the Streets Have Your Name. This great application allows you to view a Google Map showing all the places around the world which share your name. That's right they were named after you!

Just enter your name into the search box and you will be shown a Google Map with all the streets, towns and other locations around the world which share your name.

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