Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mapping Canada's Divided Cities

The Martin Prosperity Institute has published a study into the urban geography of Canada, called The Divided City. The study argues that Canadian cities are now divided between three main social classes; the creative class, the service class and the working class.

To illustrate the results of the study The Martin Prosperity Institute has released an interactive map visulaizing where the three main classes live in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The Geography of Class in Canadian Cities uses the Esri mapping platform to show a map of each of the three cities.

On each of the city maps neighborhoods are colored to indicate the predominant class. You can also click on each neighborhood on the map to view the percentage of each class in the area. In all three cities the centers are dominated by the affluent creative class, who also tend to radiate out along transit lines. The poorer working class has been pushed out in all three cities, with hardly any predominantly working class neighborhoods left in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal.

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