Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mapping Animal Tracks

Tracking Geese Migration Between Germany and Russia is a Google Map showing the flight paths of a number of Geese over a number of years.

If you select a bird's name from the map side-panel you can view the chosen bird's path on the map. The time-line beneath the map shows the dates for the visualized flight paths. You can also click on the circular markers on the bird's path to find out the date when the bird was at the recorded location.

Last Sunday a number of hackers took part in EcoHack World to create some interesting environmental visualizations. During the day CartodDB was used to create a number of animal tracking maps.

The maps include this map of  Every Animal Tracked by WhaleNet. Using the map you can select to view the tracks of a number of marine animals, including seals, porpoises, turtles and dolphins. You can see all five animal tracking maps on this CartoDB webpage.

Check out the Maps Mania animal tracking tag to view other animal tracking maps, showing the movements of cats, wildebeest, polar bears, seagulls, monkeys, weasels and many other animals.

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