Monday, November 17, 2014

Mapping Goodall's Chimps

Google has created a really nice story map exploring Jane Goodall's research on chimps in Gombe Park, Tanzania. The map takes great advantage of Google's recent Street View imagery captured in the national park.

The Gombe Park Street View Trek follows a now familiar format for story maps. To progress through the interactive you just keep scrolling down the page. As you scroll through the Trek you can view highlights from Google's Street View imagery in the park and learn more about Goodall's groundbreaking research.

I don't know if I'm flattering myself but this new interactive from Google seems to bear a passing resemblance to the use of Street View and Google Maps in my own Khmer Empire story map. Google's map is obviously much more polished and I bet it works on tablets and phones (unlike my Khmer Empire map).

I created my Khmer Empire story map using the Google Maps API with Waypoints.js. If you want to create your own story map with the Google Maps API feel free to reuse the code from the Khmer Empire map.

If you like looking at animals on Street View you should also check out my little Sea View Aquarium, featuring some of Google's recent Great Barrier Reef underwater Street View imagery.

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