Monday, November 24, 2014

Super Mario World

If you've ever wondered how Mario and Luigi manage to navigate so effortlessly around the Mushroom Kingdom and Dinosaur Land then you need to check out this Super Mario map from Duncan Graham. This interactive map reimagines the world as an 8-bit map in the style of Nintendo's classic game, complete with golden coins and mushrooms.

Accompanying the map is a great 'how-to' guide on how the map was created with Mapbox Studio. It's worth reading the article if you want to learn about importing land or water source files into Mapbox Studio, how to add custom elements to your map and how to order layers.

If vintage computer games don't float your boat then you might prefer this Dot Map by Saman Bemel Benrud.

You've probably seen dot maps before which visualize data on a map using differently sized or differently colored dots. This map takes that concept to the next stage by representing the underlying map features data as dots.

The result might not be much use as a map. But as a beautifully abstract interactive dot painting it works just fine.

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