Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Mapping Land Use

Today I've been showcasing some of the interactive maps designed by German web developer Hans Hack. One of my favorite of Hans' maps is Flächennutzungstool, an interactive map which allows you to query a map of Germany for land use.

Flächennutzungstool (Land Use Tool) shows how land is used based on OpenStreetMap data. The map includes three drawing tools (circular, rectangular and polygon) which allows you to select an area on a map of Germany to see the proportion of different land usage.

After you select an area on the map, features are automatically colored by land use. The colors indicate residential, commercial and green space land use in the area selected. As well as coloring features on the map by land use a graph is drawn in the map sidebar to show the proportion of land use for each classification in the area which you have selected on the map.

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