Sunday, November 23, 2014

Maps of the Week

My favorite map this week was this fun game from Esri. GeoJigsaw is an inspired interactive map jigsaw puzzle. The game allows you to select jumbled up maps from around the world. All you have to do is to put all the jigsaw pieces back together to complete the map.

You can select jigsaw map puzzles to play by location or by difficulty level. If you can't find a map that you like don't worry. You can just zoom in on any location in the world and create your own jigsaw map puzzle.

This week Google released a really nice story map exploring Jane Goodall's research on chimps in Gombe Park, Tanzania. The map takes great advantage of Google's recent Street View imagery captured in the national park.

The Gombe Park Street View Trek follows a now familiar format for story maps. To progress through the interactive you just keep scrolling down the page. As you scroll through the Trek you can view highlights from Google's Street View imagery in the park and learn more about Goodall's groundbreaking research.

This Google Maps based 2014 Toronto Municipal Election map is a really nicely designed visualization of the recent Toronto elections. The map allows you to explore how each electoral ward voted and also provides information on a range of socio-economic data about each ward and subdivision.

If you mouse-over a ward subdivision on the map you can view a breakdown of the percentage of votes cast for each candidate. The voting breakdown also includes the percentage of votes cast for each candidate in the whole election ward and in the whole city. This means you can easily compare the voting record of each sub-division with the whole ward and with the overall results,

When you mouse-over a sub-division on the map you can also view data, beneath the map, on the education, income and occupation of voters in the selected ward.

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