Monday, November 17, 2014

The £1000 Map

A new map from On Stride Financial shows you how long you could live on £1000 in different countries in Europe. The Cost of Living map allows you to select from a number of European cities to view a breakdown of how much it would cost to live there.

According to the map the most expensive cities are Paris and London. If you had £1000 you could live in either city for 6 days and 20 hours. The cheapest place to live on this map is Budapest, where £1000 will last you 50 days and 18 hours.

When you select a city on the map you can view a breakdown of the daily cost of living in the city. The breakdown includes details on the cost of accommodation, food & drink, travel and entertainment. I don't know how accurate the living cost estimates are for each city. However whoever designed this map is getting seriously ripped off when buying their groceries in London. They've obviously never heard of Lidl.

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