Friday, November 14, 2014

Mapping the Murder of Journalists

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists 1,082 journalists have been killed around the world since 1992. Reuters has created an interactive visualization, Journalist Deaths, of all 1,082 journalist deaths by time and by location.

The graphic includes two visualizations. 'Over Time' is an interactive bar chart showing the number of journalists killed by year. You can filter the results shown in the graph by gender, employer, type of death and by a number of other catgories.

The other visualization, 'By Location', plots the murdered journalists on a world map. The killed journalists are only mapped down to country level, however the map does give an overview of which countries are the most dangerous for journalists. You can also filter the results shown on the map using the same category filters used in the yearly bar chart.

In both visualizations you can click on the individual data points to learn more about the individual journalists killed while working on assignment. For more detailed information you can also click through on each information window to read a full-account of the journalist's death on the Committee to Protect Journalists website.

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