Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mapping the Heroes of WW1

More than 9 million people were killed in World War I. It was a war that destroyed families and communities in towns and cities across the world. The devastating effect of the war is very powerfully demonstrated in these two maps visualizing the addresses of soldiers killed during the First World War.

The Streets They Left Behind is a map of the homes of the 9,400 men and one recorded woman who died in World War I who came from the London boroughs of Highbury and Finsbury. You can search the map by address, by age, by name or by regiment.

This Global News Map shows the addresses of the 2,910 soldiers who died in the First World War in Toronto. The map shows the homes of soldiers who had mappable addresses in the city and surrounding communities (the actual number who died was actually over 4,000).

Just by looking at the screenshot of the map above you can tell that there was hardly a family in the city who didn't lose a father, husband, brother or neighbor in the war. The map also allows you to view layers showing the addresses of Toronto men and women who lost their lives in the Second World War and in the Korean War.

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