Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Paris on Film on a Map

Maps Mania has reviewed quite a few movie maps over the years. It can be interesting browsing these maps to find out which films have been shot near specific locations or to use them to find out the locations where your favorite movies have been filmed.

Now you can use a new map of Paris to plan walks around the city as it has been portrayed on the silver screen. While you are on your walk around Paris you can even use the application to view clips of movies that have been shot at your favorite locations in the city.

Cinemacity is a series of mapped walks around the city of Paris as seen on film. You can use Cimemacity to not only find the shooting locations of films set in Paris but you can also use it to view clips of each location as depicted in the movies.

The Cinemacity Google Map allows you to view guided walking routes around Paris. You can filter the walks shown on the map by the duration of the walk or by neighborhood. When you select a walk the route is displayed on the Google Map. The map markers dotted along each walks' route shows the locations where movies have been shot.

If you select a marker on the map you can actually view video clips of the film shot at that location. This means that you can use Cinemacity not only as a walking guide to Paris but you can actually watch clips from movies in the actual locations where they were filmed.

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