Friday, November 28, 2014

Old School Sim City

Who isn't a fan of Will Wright's classic SimCity game?

Would be town planners around the world have had hours of fun building cities in SimCity. Over the years the game has become more and more realistic but has also maybe become a little too complicated for some. Well old school gamers can now recreate the simple fun of the original game in two new online versions of the original classic game.

Micropolis.JS is a port of the original SimCity game created with JavaScript. The game includes all the features of the original game and requires you to build residential, commercial and industrial zones. To ensure that your city continues to grow you will need to plan carefully to ensure you have enough power stations. You will also need to keep your town's citizens happy by keeping crime and pollution to a reasonable level.

3D City is another port of the original game. The game-play is exactly the same as SimCity classic, however 3D City uses WebGL to turn your created town into a proper 3D world. Therefore as your town grows you can pan around and rotate the world and zoom in and out to get a closer look at the buildings sprouting up in your burgeoning metropolis.

Unfortunately 3D City doesn't seem to have a save option, so each time you play you have to start your city from scratch. You will also obviously need a WebGL enabled browser to play 3D City.

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