Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Race Gap in U.S. Police Departments

In Ferguson, Mo, 67% of the population is black. However only 11% of the Ferguson police department is black. According to a 2007 survey the situation is little better in most police departments around the country, where on average minorities only make up around 25% of police forces. In The Race Gap in America's Police Departments the New York Times has mapped the racial composition of local police departments in 16 metropolitan areas, including St, Louis.

In each of the 16 maps the local police departments are represented on the map by circular map markers. The size of each circle on the map is scaled to represent the size of each police department. The color of each circular marker is shaded to reflect the racial composition of each department. The lighter colors indicate that the racial composition of the department is closer to the racial mix of the area it serves. The darker shaded markers indicate that the composition of the police department is markedly different to the general population.

You can also mouse-over each police department on the map to view the racial composition of local residents and of the local police department.

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