Monday, November 10, 2014

Shooting the Hobbit

Today I came across a wonderful online archive of World Maps Without New Zealand. The archive has decided to lift the lid on the secret world-wide cartographers' conspiracy to remove New Zealand from the map of the world.

Now that World Without New Zealand has mentioned the Kiwi in the room I can freely link to this Hobbit Filming Locations Map. In fact, by linking to the map, I'm not strictly breaking the rules of the Cartographers Guild. Since the release of Peter Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings' cartographers have been allowed to include New Zealand on their maps - but only when mapping Hobbits.

The Hobbit Filming Locations Map shows some of the many scenic New Zealand locations used in filming the movie of The Hobbit. If you select a mapped location you can actually click through to view the You Tube video of The Hobbit - Production Diary. The video diary includes behind-the-scenes footage of each mapped location. These videos reveal the scenic beauty of the locations used in the movie.

There's no surprise that New Zealand really is a beautiful country. Perhaps we should include it on the map a little more.

Breaking the terms of the Cartographers Guild - other New Zealand maps on Maps Mania

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