Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mapping Support for Obamacare

iSideWith is a website that can tell you which political party you should support. iSideWith asks you a series of questions on domestic, international and environmental issues and then shows you whether you side most with the Democrats or Republicans (or other parties) on these issues.

iSideWith also use the data collected from these questions to provide a breakdown on support for a number of major issues. Part of the breakdown for each issue is a Google Map showing support or opposition for the issue across the United States.

For example this Google Map shows nationwide Support for Obamacare based on users' answers on iSideWith. Overall the poll shows 45% supporting Obamacare and 52% in opposition. The map allows you to see where support and opposition is most strong, at state, county and city level.

You can also view the poll results and maps for a number of other social and political issues, including gay marriage, abortion and government spending.

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